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Pastor Mack Farley has been preaching since his teens, and has been in the ministry since 1993. 

He has served as youth pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor in Mississippi, North Carolina, and Alabama. He has been serving as the Senior Pastor at Spirit Walk Ministries since 2018. 

Pastor Mack is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He received his bachelors degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and achieved his bishop license in 2009. 

An effective communicator of God's word, Pastor Mack is known for his dynamic preaching, which helps people apply the timeless truths of scripture to their every day lives. 

He and his wife, Christi, have been married since 1993. They are the proud parents of three daughters and two son-in-laws who work along side them in ministry.

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In this podcast, Pastor Mack explores God's Word, current books, and classic novels to discover the principles for living that will guide you on your journey of faith. 




Freedom From the Taskmaster

  • “Is there something wrong with me?” The spiritual back and forth wreaked havoc with my life. The author deals with this spiritual tennis match, in his life, in his book “Freedom From The Taskmaster.” Finally the Lord begin to calm the storm, It did not happen overnight. Great sermons and services certainly helped, but God did more than make him feel good for a few days.

    Principles from His Word brought hope and his mind and soul found freedom. This book is the culmination of the lessons learned from his journey. May it bring hope to you and may the principles learned help you stay on the path to true freedom from your own taskmaster.

    ISBN 978-1-64288-227-8

  • Cost includes standard $3.00 to cover shipping for the order. 

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